I would like to thank you very much for the sessions and tell you that they were really helpful, I feel that something, somehow, has changed on the way I think… Many thanks for that.


You gave me a great gift, I can still hear your voice inside my head, very soothing and deep, touching into other levels of consciousness that don’t ordinarily get a guide.


I know he wouldn’t have been able to make such decisions without your help and so I really wanted to thank you. I feel as if I have got back the positive and motivated son who has been stuck in a bad place for a long time. (He) has talked openly with his mates about you, which I think says it all in terms of recommendation!


The whole process was not bad at all and I think a lot of it was down to my feeling calm and in control as a result of the hypno birthing and feeling prepared. Anyway, thank you very much for your help, I found our sessions incredibly helpful and would recommend them to anyone – they enabled my to have my perfect birth experience!


Not only is Paulette professional and accomplished, but a very special human being who made me feel very cared for. I truly and highly recommend Paulette as a person as well as a cognitive hypnotherapist.


Following our session, I promised you an update on how the presentation went. Well, it was today and it went extremely well. The feedback I got from my boss was that my performance was “night and day” compared to my previous effort. A great result! Thanks for your help.


My daughter had never been dry at night and she was already twelve. We had sought help from our GP and tried all the non-invasive methods of treatment but nothing had worked. I was not happy to accept medication and carried on hoping that things would just click by themselves. They didn’t. Paulette helped my daughter to believe in her own ability to be dry at night and within three sessions she was. Paulette is brilliant with children; gentle, respectful, insightful and empowering. When a child is helped to understand that they already have the tools they need to help themselves deal with things that are troubling them, it gives them a great strength and self knowledge that spills over into anything they want to do. We have seen a hugely positive outcome for our daughter and our family and most highly recommend Paulette’s work.


Firstly I would like to thank you very much for introducing me to Confident childbirth. At first I must admit I was very skeptical but how wrong I was. As much as I can say we both really enjoyed the labour and found confident childbirth techniques were pretty outstanding. My labour began @ 16:00, and I managed to stay at home till 12am, in and out of the bath, tens machine and most of all your techniques. We both were very calm. When I arrived at the hospital I was already 6cm dilated and she was born at 03.30am. No need for any pain relief or instruments which was fantastic. If we are lucky enough to have a second baby I will be in touch for a refresher as its an invaluable skill.


I went to see Paulette after suffering with stress and health anxiety for a year. I was experiencing a host of unpleasant physical symptoms ranging from heart palpitations to relentless burping. I had become fixated on the symptoms, going as far as having distressing invasive procedures such as a gastroscopy, without appreciating that my mind might possibly be causing my digestive system to not function properly. Paulette talked to me about the power of positive thought and gave me tools to supress the cycles of anxious negative thought. The result was astonishing - after my first session with her the debilitating and embarrassing burping immediately stopped and my other symptoms equally subsided. I now feel I have a proactive strategy to counter my condition where I was feeling helpless previously.


Paulette's experience and gentle approach to hypnotherapy and counseling have made a huge difference to me. Battling with anxiety, and some times panic attacks, as well as the sorrow of a silent miscarriage an unexplained infertility, Paulette has been able to give me a new empowering and positive perspective, unlocking many negative beliefs that I had built up over time. Succeeding where others had failed, our regular sessions were enlightening, educative, and have helped me to be more centered at my core. And even when I didn't see Paulette regularly, she has always been available to chat and to help me through whatever I was battling with, no matter how small the issue. I can't thank Paulette enough. We are now proud parents of a little baby boy and Paulette has played a significant part in that journey.


Working (Coaching) with Paulette was to literally change my personal and professional life. Paulette is extremely talented and insightful, gentle in her approach yet powerful with her results. She takes you on a journey. During my 18 months with her, I came to understand myself so much better in ways I’d never have thought through on my own. Once I came to understand the changes I needed to make, I transitioned that understanding into action to achieve my desired goals. Paulette was with me every step of the way and proved to be one of my greatest champions. Her belief in me and my potential abilities were inspirational for me and when the going got tough – and it did- she was my anchor. She cares deeply about her clients and I am truly grateful and privileged to have met and worked with her. If you need a personal or professional issue sorting out Paulette’s the one. My one caveat is, listen, actively engage and do the work. It will be life changing. Thank you Paulette for being a key influence in my life.


Hi Paulette. I wanted to let you know that my son has gone to bed, slept through the night and woken up happy every day since we saw you. He has all his toys in his bed with him and feels safe now. So thank you so much for your help. This has really transformed our lives.


I have really felt a tremendous benefit from the treatment thank you, it has given me inner peace and happiness. I am busy writing and it seems to be going well.